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Article 50 vote - an update

Article 50 vote - an update

Following the debate and vote in Parliament, please find an update on my position here


commented 2017-02-13 11:46:46 +0000
Dear Madeleine

(I posted a similar comment three days ago but it hasn’t appeared yet so my apologies if this is a repeat.)

I write in support of the position you have taken on the Article 50 vote. I respect the stance of those respondents below who want to leave the EU and their concern that the referendum outcome should not be thwarted, but not their insistence that people who disagree with them should either support them, resign their positions or shut up. That’s not democracy.

At the last election Labour did not campaign to leave the EU. In the referendum campaign the official Labour position was to support Remain. You clearly stated your support for that position and reasons for doing so. The Courts confirmed that the referendum was not an Instruction from the Great British People – it was an advisory vote to inform MPs of the public’s views.
What is clear is that Labour was out of touch with its core constituency and since then it has run away from its original position (and from those like you who have stayed true to your principles) in response to the populist vote.

As a Labour voter I am one of the 45.4% of people in Bridgend CB who, in spite of the welter of BS from both sides and the strident anti-EU rhetoric from the Tory media, agreed with the Labour party position and I voted for the status quo of remaining in the EU, while acknowledging that it had to change. That makes me one of 61.2% in Bridgend who did not vote to leave. I confess to being a well-educated businessman wishing to support the sustainable development of the Welsh economy offering real jobs for Welsh people. I considered that the benefits of membership of the world’s largest trading bloc, the increased safeguards for my rights as an individual, greater environmental protections, seventy years of relative harmony in Europe and the ¬£millions of EU funding that Bridgend has received as worth the mildly irritating legislation we had to accept in return.

However, it was clear that the inflow of cheap, unskilled labour was always going to impact on some parts of society more than others and it was this issue that the Blair gov’t and the Tories have failed to address. For the wealthy middle classes in the SE it meant cheaper tradesman, for businesses it meant cheap labour and increased profits. I don’t know what this impact has been in Bridgend but it must not be ignored.

But I still fail to see what benefit leaving the EU will bring us and what comes next for Bridgend. Will FORD stay or go? Will the funding we received from the EU be replaced by the UK Government? Will there be forced repatriation of the EU workers in Bridgend thus, presumably, freeing up jobs? Will there be a tariff on trade between Wales and Ireland (our second largest export market)? Who will be encouraged to invest in Bridgend – the Americans and the Chinese? On what kind of terms – favourable or exploitative?

I have had to accept the outcome of the referendum and the vote to trigger Article 50. Your respondents below needn’t worry – their position is well-represented by the Tories, UKIP and half the Labour party. So there will be a Brexit. Conversely, I now find that, along with many people I know, my views are not represented by either of the mainstream parties. We seem to be captives on a journey we didn’t want to take to an unknown destination. I hope our fears will be unjustified.

At the next election the impacts of Brexit (if its happened by then) will be clearer and then we can vote again in an informed way, not clouded by propaganda – that’s true democracy. And who knows, you may find your position vindicated.

yours sincerely

Jonathan T.
commented 2017-02-11 09:23:27 +0000
Well done Madeleine. You voted with your mind and principle. Those politicians who sold Brexit to masses with lies lies and lies should feel ashamed.
commented 2017-02-09 00:11:30 +0000
Dear Mrs Moon
I wish to add my voice in addition to the comments below.

Your decision to totally disregard the wishes of the people of your constituency is shameful.
You were given a clear and overwhelming mandate by us, the people, in our vote in June that we wanted to leave the EU.
We were, and are well aware of what this would mean and voted the way we felt was right for us, our town, our county and indeed our Country. You are supposed to be our voice in parliament. This is the very essence of what being an MP is all about. You were fully aware of how we voted and you chose to ignore us. In doing so you have lost your credibility and any respect you once had.
Don’t ever call yourself a democrat, you do not know the meaning of the word.
You should resign.

commented 2017-02-07 15:07:10 +0000
Dear Mrs Moon

I have lived in Bridgend for years, my husband and I have always voted Labour. I have never written to an MP before but I feel so strongly about your vote that I had to vent my frustration.

I cannot believe that you went against the majority who voted to leave the EU. I had debated how I would vote for a long time with family and friends. Some of the debates were quite heated and some of us had different MP’s. I am disappointed in your vote, your reasons were not good enough, in fact quite pathetic. The people who voted knew WHAT THEY WERE VOTING FOR and assumed that the government would follow through with the outcome.

You must think that the majority of your constituents are uneducated idiots and that you are superior to them. 54% of the people voted to exit the EU. I will no longer vote for you in any future elections, you have lost my trust. I hope that there will be another Labour candidate to vote for other than yourself. If there isn’t then my vote will go elsewhere. People will not forget what you have done at the next election and will vote you out! Family members in other constituencies are pleased that they MP voted in the same way as the majority which was to leave. All credit to new MP Chris Elmore of Ogmore who voted with them (even though he wanted to remain).

After reading the other comments below its good to know that others who have posted and people I have spoken to feel the same way about you as I do. I look forward to your resignation as you clearly do not support the majority of Bridgend.

Its a vote of “no confidence” from me!

commented 2017-02-06 18:31:34 +0000

I just wanted to let you know how very disappointed I am that the person I voted for to represent me and the other constituents of Bridgend have been so disrespected by you in the way that you chose to vote in the article 50 debate in parliament recently.

Your actions in the way you voted are completely disrespectful to the people of Bridgend who voted to leave the European Union by a majority. Who then may I ask gave you the right to ignore the will of the very people who elected you in the first place to represent them? I have been a Labour voter all my adult life and have never considered voting for any other party. However, this will change if you are our Labour candidate at the next general election. I very much hope that it will not come this as if you have any principles at all you will resign with immediate effect and allow the people of Bridgend to elect someone who will actually represent us and not themselves in Parliament.

I look forward to hearing of your resignation very soon.
commented 2017-02-06 14:25:01 +0000
Good morning Madelein,

I wanted to write to you as a constituent of Bridgend and a Labour party member to say that I feel your vote against triggering article 50 was a poor choice.

I was a firm remainer and still to this day, I find it hard to believe that Wales and the majority of the UK voted to leave. However, leave is what was decided and democracy has to be followed.

I have read your speech on the EU Bill and although I agree that elements of leaving the EU weren’t specifically voted for, people voted on an overall package. Democracy is what the country is built on and without this, I fear that we will become a dictatorship like a few other countries around the world. Again, I’d like to stress that I wish we were remaining within the European Union but we have to concentrate on making the best deal possible. The best of a bad situation then if you will.

There was a good fight fought and I watched many other Bridgend Councillors including yourself pound the pavements as you tried to persuade the people of Bridgend to vote remain. However, the people of Bridgend voted to leave and for you to go against that with your vote in the EU Bill means you have gone against both your constituency and the majority of the UK.

I feel that any MP that does that to their constituency should no longer serve as member of parliament for that area so I am asking you now to do the right thing and to step down. I have lost faith in you as our representative as I believe that you no longer serve the interests of Bridgend and only serve your own interests.

I am sorry that I have to write this as a Labour member and as someone that lives in Bridgend but I feel that your actions have left me with no choice.
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commented 2017-02-03 00:43:26 +0000
You are MP for Bridgend and Bridgend voted by quite a margin to leave the EU. You are paid to represent those constituents yet you have the audacity to stand up in parliament and say that in your opinion leaving the EU would not be good for Bridgend people and their families! We are not interested in your personal opinion we expect you to abide by the will of the people in a democracy. You are patronusingly treating your constituents as if they do not know there own minds or do not understand what they were voting for. Your resignation would be greatly appreciated I am a life long Labour voter and I am appalled.
commented 2017-02-02 23:31:02 +0000
I was totally amazed to find out how you had voted, how dare you! I have never had any cause in all my years to have to contact an MP but your actions have caused me to rethink that. My hair dresser told me that I should read your speech as it was on the Net. I have even gone to the trouble of printing out a copy so that I can keep it as it’s the best laugh that I have had for a long time. The best bits are right at the start and end. I quote " We as a Parliament and a democracy have not done that well by the people who elected us" you can say that again. What a laugh, no NORMAL person would think of linking democracy with parliament as your actions have just gone to prove. Democracy is what we just had in the referendum, democracy is something that you plainly have no concept of. If the
“remainers” had won by as little as one vote then I would of had to respect that as a democratic out come. Gladly the good people of Bridgend voted OUT and I was pleased to see with a higher than national percentage. So why do you think that you can go against our wishes? I was rolling around on the floor in fits when you state at the end of your speech “I trust the British people” no you don’t what a load of bull! you would not have voted the way you did if you trusted us. Your personal opinion on why you think that we voted the way we did should have no bearing, you were voted in as a MP to carry out our wishes not yours. Your disrespect of your electorate is plain to see in your wording in the second paragraph " Labour members (that should read MP’s by the way the members wanted the referendum) did not oppose the referendum, because we did not wish to APPEAR not to trust the voters" in other words and reading between the lines you don’t trust us to be able to have our own minds. Paragraphs 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ are your miss guided thoughts on why we voted out and your love of the Germans and the EU. If you love it so much why are you here? go and live in Germany while you still have a chance. Merkel might have the borders open to every refugee than wants to get in but I will bet that offer won’t be open to the British once we are out of the EU. I had to go and change my pants as I had wet myself laughing at the start of paragraph 7 when you say " I accept the outcome of the referendum" The smile however was soon wiped of my face when I read your comments on Trump. You haven’t got a clue or you are just not bothered to think about whats best for the UK. Were out of the EU thank God and do you honestly think they are going to help us in any way because we left their little club, no their not. Yes they will do us some sort of deal it stands to reason based on the simple fact that we buy more from them than they sell us but it will costs us somehow. So we are better of looking at the rest of the world for our future and America is our best chance of getting a good deal quickly that the rest of the world will want to follow. So how do you think slagging off their president is going to help us the people. They had a DEMOCRATIC vote and choose Trump so respect that, in slagging off Trump your slagging of our best hope of new trade and a future for our children. Europe has always disliked the British and always will its a fact that hasn’t changed for hundreds of years but the Americans have always considered themselves like us.
In conclusion I would ask that you do the honest and just thing and resign and give us the chance of having a MP who puts our wishes over their own. You are no longer fit to hold office not only do you go against out wishes but even the party wishes. However I know that you won’t, so lets just hope that Mr Corbyn and the Labour party can grow a pair and force you and your group out. I will write to you formally and ask that you resign as I hope many other Labour voters will because if you don’t go I would rather see a right wing UKIP MP for Bridgend than a Labour MP

Yours truly
Mr John Stott
commented 2017-02-02 21:43:50 +0000
We voted in this Constituency by a decent majority to leave the EU. You’re not listening are you?
commented 2017-02-02 20:44:24 +0000
It’s about time you acknowledge that your constituents actually are well educated and fully want to leave the EU and understand the consequences and accept them.
We value democracy and the right to choose our destiny and your actions have demonstrated that these are not values you share.
You try to justify your attempt to block us leaving by suggesting you know better and are somehow going to get a better deal.
I have news for you.
The EU will show its true colours in our exit negotiations and they will try to punish us to deter others and they will try to delay while while filling their coffers.
We are in control though. We can walk away. We can hard brexit and they cannot stop us.
Your job is to unify, to fight (the EU not us!) And to do everything you can to get a good deal for us in Bridgend.
The Labour party in Wales has set it’s face against brexit and against the will of the people. They and you are seriously out of step with what people want.
I have lost my trust in you, you do not represent me.
#not my my
commented 2017-02-02 18:53:03 +0000
SHAME on you. A disgrace of an MP going against everything the office is supposed to represent. Voting deliberately against the wishes of your own constituents, Wales, and the United Kingdom as a whole. That’s really what being an MP is all about isn’t it? Self-interest first, the people last.
commented 2017-02-02 16:11:33 +0000
More weasel words, more wild claims about what will happen over the next umpteen years, more obfuscation and avoidance of the basic issues of democracy and freedom. Before and immediately after the Referendum we had all these dire warnings – and so far they have all proved false; not just inaccurate but utterly false. One of the most brazen examples: the Governor of the Bank of England claimed that he would immediately have to put up interest rates if we voted “Leave” but in the event he immediately put them DOWN. Moreover the fall in Sterling value had at least as much to do with that as did the Brexit vote (which actually gave him the excuse he wanted for lower rates).

Moreover, whatever wild fancies you have, you had NO RIGHT to try to prevent what your constituents had demanded in a free vote. They knew that they were voting to LEAVE the Single Market because Cameron, Osborne, Boris Johnson, Gove, Farage, Corbyn, et al told them so quite clearly. Obviously you think that your constituents are idiots, but they are not. They chose Freedom above all; none of your feeble excuses stand against that demand. Once upon a time the Labour Party helped to break chains, now it is determined to forge them.

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