Madeleine Moon MP

Labour Member of Parliament for Bridgend

Debate on EU Bill

Debate on EU Bill

You can read my speech on the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill here.


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commented 2018-04-17 17:05:35 +0100
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commented 2017-02-02 15:53:29 +0000
An Open Letter to Madeleine Moon MP for Bridgend

Dear Mrs. Moon,

I see that you voted AGAINST the second reading of the “Brexit Article 50” Bill on 1st February.

A majority of those voting in Your Constituency in the June 23rd 2016 Referendum demanded we Leave the EU

A majority of those voting in Wales demanded we Leave the EU

A majority of those voting in the United Kingdom demanded we Leave the EU

A majority of those voting in Labour-held constituencies demanded we Leave the EU

As one of your constituents I would be interested to know how you can justify this vote in Parliament.
Is it because you despise the principles of democracy?
Is it because you despise your constituents?
Is it because you enjoy spitting in their faces?
Is it because you despise the principles of party unity and discipline?
Is it because you care not a fig for national unity in a dangerous world?
Is it because you are unable to understand that it is impossible to Leave the EU and remain in the Single Market? – like someone angry because she cannot walk on water?

I see that some of your Labour colleagues are justifying their vote against the wishes of the nation by saying that their constituents voted Remain – determined to add to national division and rancour. That is an absurd argument for anyone, but you cannot even make that excuse.

So one Labour MP can vote against the national decision because their own constituency was in the minority and another Labour MP can vote against the constituency decision because ….??? throwing a tantrum is better than having a policy? better than loyalty or patriotism?

You are betraying the electorate who put their trust in you; you are betraying your nation which needs unity and determination in the face of EU spite and greed; you are betraying your own Party which is being torn apart by selfish disloyalty; your position now is totally without honour; you have forfeited any right to remain in Parliament as MP for Bridgend; for the sake of the future of Bridgend, of Wales, of Great Britain, in the Name of Democracy and Honour – R E S I G N.
If you personally want to Remain in the EU – then GO THERE, you no longer belong here.
A Patriot,
Peter Smith
commented 2017-02-02 13:38:40 +0000
Sadly you have not followed the wishes of your constituents who voted to leave the EU. You have twisted this as if its all about immigration, this is where you are wrong I voted to leave because I want to break the chains of an ever increasing bureaucracy by people who are unelected, and I am sure there are many more of your constituents who feel the same. You suggest that we were given a load of lies by the leave campaign, let me remind you of Project Fear just in case it has slipped your mind, which I consider was far worse. I will also remind you of what the Minister For Exiting the EU said “Do we trust the people” clearly you do not. When you return to your constituency, hang your head in same.
commented 2017-02-02 13:33:20 +0000
I voted to remain and was very vocal about how I felt. I still think it’s bad for the country in spite of my misgivings of the EU of which there was plenty.
That said our electorate you represent and the country as a whole voter to leave. I would accept your use of the word conscience and your living by it if I thought it true. Unfortunately the rebellion against a three line whip wreaks of internal politics of the right wing of the party and endeavours still to alienate and eventually remove Jeremy Corbyn as your party leader. We have corresponded on that subject in the past and it’s obvious where you stand on the subject and seem to grasp every opportunity to degrade his position within the LP.
This vote was to important to play at PLP games which are destroying the LP from being an effective opposition. Article 50 has to happen. The real issue is, has been stated, getting the best deal as rightly said by the less biased within the party. I don’t want it I don’t like it but the people have spoken over Brexit. You should have represented that. I fear for your holding onto our seat come the next election.
I’m sorry but this has totally disillusioned me about you.
commented 2017-02-02 09:17:49 +0000
Your “job” is to represent your constituents, who have already made their stance known through the referendum result. Regardless of your what conscience tells you, you were voted in to represent the majority who voted to leave. I have been a labour supporter my entire life as was my father before and his father too, but I find your vote against your constituents wishes an extremely arrogant act and more in standing with the tory party than the true dictums of a socialist party member. You should be ashamed of yourself as you have let down those who put you where you are, I hope the retribution from the party leadership is harsh as it should be, but if you had any morals you would resign given what you have just done.
commented 2017-02-02 09:04:49 +0000
Firstly let me thank you for allowing the opportunity for you constituents to comment on such a platform, personally I see it as very progressive.

With regards to your speech yesterday I have no issue with you voting against the bill per se, but what I do take umbrage to is the lack of correlation in your voting on the 9th of June 15 to give the British People a referendum and your vote in the House yesterday evening. If you thought that the British Public and more pertinently your constituents were not sufficiently equipped to make a decision of such magnitude then you should have voted against the party line on offering the public a referendum in the first place. In my humble opinion as soon as you voted to give the British public a referendum you had a duty to follow that through and vote in line with you constituents whether you believe they are correct or not, after all you are elected to represent your constituents. Given the you were part of the Remain campaign was your vote yesterday in the House one of a personal nature – I am just struggling to reconcile the rationale behind your action. Is there any wonder the labour party is currently in the state that it is.

As my local MP I would like to hear a justification as to why you offered the British people a vote on EU Membership, appeared not to like the answer that you received and went against the people of Bridgend. I would be grateful if you could send me an email with such justification ( I am a great believer that on the 23rd of June democracy spoke and alas it should be respected – as I personally have done.

Good Day.
commented 2017-02-02 07:11:50 +0000
Well done to you and I fully support your decision to vote against accepting Article 50. I am passionately against leaving the EU; its a travesty and the worst decision the country could have made. People were not informed of the consequences of leaving the EU when they voted in the referendum in June 2016…it’s one of the darkest days in history. The majority of the public are still unaware of how difficult it will be to leave the EU and treacherous times lie ahead. We are already seeing the beginning of the destruction…prices are going up for basic foodstuffs and fuel. It will hit the poorest people hardest and they are least able to withstand what lies ahead. The Government have given no clarity on how this is all going to work and if they are looking to the US and Donald Trump to bale us out then we are in deep trouble. Our country is so fragmented with only slightly less than half who wanted to remain in the EU. Passions are still running high on both sides of the issue and until our Government start advising us of how they are going to tackle the issues I see no real chance of us coming together as a nation. It does not help that inflammatory responses like “betrayal” and “arrogance” are being bandied about. I am glad that you did decide to vote with your conscience because until we are all fully informed of what lies ahead, that is the only course of action that could be taken.
commented 2017-02-02 00:48:39 +0000
I am appalled by your decision not to vote in favur of accepting Article 50: your were returned as the representative of this constiuency with considerably less than half the votes cast and YOUR electorate voted by more than 54% to leave the EU. May I remind you that you were elected to represent your Constiuents not act in contravention of your own freely elected Party Leaders’ dictate according to your own "conscience’ – how arrogant is that? As a committed Socialist, I am appalled by your stance on the basis that you have neither the right nor the mandate to act as my, and the other 54% of the voters, “conscience” based on your opinion – both sides of the so called Brexit pundits misrepresented their arguments, but the reality is that the UK is a sovereign state and should remain so !
commented 2017-02-01 23:55:00 +0000
You have failed to carry out the instruction given by us your constituents and I feel betrayed by you.
We were not misled by the referendum and not recognising that we are prepared to ride out the storm to regain control of our own country, you underestimate the strength of feeling of the out voters.
You are supposed to represent us. You will be out next election, democracy (remember that?) In action.
commented 2017-02-01 20:53:29 +0000
You have betrayed your constituents by not following their wishes. Bridgend voted OUT, regardless of what OUT looks like. Stop trying to change the goal posts. Hurry up an retire.

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